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The Homelife department plans and organizes play dates and socials for moms and children of the club generally monthly.  In addition, they plan community outreach and fundraising events revolving around the involvement and participation of children.






The Social Department plans and coordinates at least two socials annually.   Socials are open to friends of current members who are interested in becoming a member of SRVJWC.  The department leaders have presented us with fabulous events throughout the years such as fashion shows and cooking classses!

Women's Culture

The Women's Culture department plans, coordinates and invites speakers to present during our regular business meetings.  The presentations have varied from an Organizational speaker to getting together for a Broadway show in NYC.


The Health department is dedicated to keeping the club members enlightened and fit with the newest health information through Doctors' presentations, scheduling meet ups at local gyms and a weekly walk at the park.

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