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The Saddle River Valley Junior Woman's Club is a non-profit, civic organization that strives to improve the quality of the community through the efforts of a vibrant and dynamic group of women.  We are committed to promoting volunteerism for local, regional and state charities and outreach programs.  We are striving to create a social network among our members, as well as giving back to the community.

When does the club meet?

The club meets on a monthly basis. The meetings are usually held on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Please check our calendar for dates. These meetings are held at The Upper Saddle River Fire House on West Saddle River Road.  Meetings generally start at 8:00 pm.  During the meetings we discuss/plan our involvement in fundraising events and charitable outreach programs. 

How much time is involved?

Other than the monthly meetings & socials, we encourage everyone to get involved in one project - whether it be a fundraiser (Fashion Show, Handbag Bingo, Oktoberfest, Princess Ball etc.), charitable outreach program (Shelter Our Sisters, Foster & Adoptive Services), community affairs (Holiday Tree Lighting, Food Drive, Book Drive)  OR regional programs (Valley Hospital, Children’s Specialized Hospital, etc.).  Your  attendance is NOT mandatory at every social or meeting. 

What are the dues?

Dues are $60.00 annually and are due in December.  Dues can be paid through Venmo, through our website using the shopping section or directly to our club treasurer.  Our fiscal year follows the calendar year (January to December). Dues are prorated based on when a member joins during the year.

Can you join the club anytime of the year? 

Yes, you are welcome to join us anytime throughout the year. We only do official installs twice a year in January and in the spring but we welcome any and all participation when you are ready to commit to the club.  Join us for our next business meeting to see what we are all about!

Can I bring a friend interested in the club to a business meeting? 
Yes, you are more than welcome to bring an interested friend to the next meeting or event we have so that they can become familiar with what we do and get to know us.  We always welcome guests!  We do ask that you let our membership directors know the name of your guest and that she is coming so that we can properly welcome them. 

How many people serve on your board? 
We currently have 7 board members.  Please visit our board section of the site to see who leads the SRVJWC club with pride! 

Do you consider charities that a member may suggest? 
When you become a new member one of the questions on our paperwork includes a section asking about any charities near and dear or that you have an interest in.  We like to know what people support or care to support and are always open to new charities to give back to.  If a member of ours finds a charity important, then it's important to our club! 

Are you open to new events and suggestions ? 
We are very open to hearing about new ideas for events, as some of our best events came straight from our members suggestions and conversations!  We are always here to listen and value each and every one of our members opinions and take all suggestions. 

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